Our Design Process

The Foundry Design Process

We start by understanding the concept, the cuisine, and the back-of-house needs. We then apply our full range of experience to the development of the design. Once our schematics of the kitchen are completed, we then apply our deep expertise to the specification of suitable foodservice equipment, fixtures and stainless fabrication. Our design standards then drive the output of tender documentation, mechanical service drawings and submissions.

How We Do It

Schematic Design

Our foodservice design starts with initial exploration work with our clients and their space. This allows the team to establish requirements and provide solutions and layouts within architectural parameters. A preliminary schematic layout is then developed with a focus on kitchen flow and cooking intent.

Design Development

Commercial kitchen layout is progressed through design development once the general schematic has been accepted by the end-user. Further development and coordination with the remaining consultant team (mech, elec, arch, struc) is completed in this phase. As consultants, we inform the team of foodservice design parameters to overcome shortfalls during the construction phase.

Consulting & Specification

We assist in various stages of the project. We can provide Issued for Tender drawings and specifications for the tendering process. We would assist in responding to RFI, addendums, and coordinate with Bidders. Bid analysis can be completed to ensure bids conform to project requirements/documents. During the construction phases, we can speak on behalf of the end-user to ensure food service requirements are captured. Reviewing shop drawings and producing coordination documents such as Site instructions, contemplated change orders, and etc. to ensure site details are captured.

As consultants, we work as partners with the end-users to provide expert solutions to foodservice facilities. Assisting incorrectly specifying equipment and stainless steel fixtures as per design intent from initial design meetings. Providing a voice to the end-user.

How can we help?

Your kitchen is one-of-a-kind, but it’s likely the challenges you're facing are not. Take a moment to tell us about your equipment, design or stainless needs. We are here to help.