Pizza Restaurant Supplies

Commercial pizza restaurant equipment that enhances quality and efficiency.

Discover a comprehensive range of equipment for your pizza shop, including Conveyor Ovens and Deck Ovens for perfect baking. Streamline dough preparation with Dough Prep tools. Explore Meat Slicers, Mixers, Pizza Warmers, and Proofer Cabinets to elevate your pizza-making process.

Enhance efficiency with  Pizza Prep Refrigerators, Reach-In Refrigeration, and Vegetable Prep Machines.

Conveyor Oven

Explore our selection of Commercial Conveyor Ovens, meticulously designed for pizza cooking perfection. Elevate your pizza-making process with Pizza Cooking Conveyors, offering high-efficiency and fast baking capabilities.

Our Fast Baking Conveyor Systems ensure rapid and consistent results, ideal for busy pizzerias seeking optimal performance.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Deck Oven

Discover our lineup of Commercial Deck Ovens, including specialized Pizza Baking Deck Ovens crafted for authentic flavours. Explore our Stone Deck Pizza Ovens, designed to deliver exceptional results with high-temperature baking capabilities.

Elevate your pizza-making experience with our range of high-performance ovens, ensuring delicious pizzas every time.

Dough Prep

Master the art of pizza dough preparation with our top-quality Dough Mixers and Dough Sheeters tailored specifically for pizza making.

Our range of Commercial Dough Equipment ensures efficiency and consistency in your dough preparation process, allowing you to create perfect pizza crusts with ease.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Meat Slicers

Enhance your pizza shop’s slicing capabilities with our Commercial Meat Slicers, perfect for precise and efficient meat cutting. Explore specialized Deli Slicers tailored for pizza shops, ensuring uniform slices for your toppings.

Invest in precision meat cutting with our range of Food Service Slicing Equipment, guaranteeing consistency and quality in every slice.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen


Discover the power of our Commercial Mixers, specially crafted for various culinary needs. Elevate your pizza dough preparation with our robust Pizza Dough Mixers, designed for optimal consistency and texture.

Explore our range of Heavy-Duty Food Mixers and Kitchen Mixing Machines, ensuring efficiency and precision in your kitchen operations.

Pizza Warmers

Ensure your pizzas stay warm and fresh with our Pizza Holding Warmers, designed to maintain optimal serving temperatures. Explore our Heated Display Cases and Commercial Pizza Warmers, perfect for showcasing and preserving the deliciousness of your pizzas.

Elevate your food warming setup with our range of high-quality Food Warming Equipment for your pizza shop.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Proofer Cabinets

Perfect your pizza dough with our Dough Proofing Cabinets and Pizza Dough Risers, ensuring ideal conditions for dough rising and fermentation. Explore our Bread Proofer Units and Commercial Fermentation Cabinets, designed to optimize dough development and flavour enhancement.

Elevate your pizza-making process with precise and reliable dough proofing solutions.

Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Pizza Prep Machines

Ensure freshness and efficiency in your pizza preparation with our Pizza Preparation Coolers and Refrigerated Prep Tables, providing ample space for storing toppings and ingredients at optimal temperatures.

Explore our Pizza Topping Stations and Commercial Prep Refrigeration solutions, designed to streamline your workflow and enhance the quality of your pizzas.

Reach-In Refrigeration

Keep your pizza ingredients fresh and organized with our Commercial Refrigerators and specialized Pizza Ingredient Coolers. Explore our Reach-in Cooling Units, perfect for storing sauces, cheeses, and toppings at the ideal temperature.

Enhance food preservation in your pizza shop with our reliable Food Preservation Systems, ensuring the highest quality ingredients for your pies.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Vegetable Prep Machines

Streamline your pizza topping preparation with our Commercial Vegetable Cutters and efficient Food Prep Machines, designed to handle various vegetables with ease.

Explore our specialized equipment for Pizza Topping Preparation, ensuring uniform cuts and efficient processing for your toppings. Elevate your kitchen efficiency with our range of Vegetable Processors, perfect for your pizza shop’s needs.

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