A-OK Cafe

A-OK Cafe projects integrate stylish kitchens into retail locations across North America, blending cafe dining with high-end shopping for a unique brand experience.

Client Overview

A-OK Commissary & Cafes offers more than just a dining experience; it’s a design house with an innovative global platform that combines delicious culinary delights with retail convenience. Originating as an exclusive employee perk, A-OK has evolved into a public staple within several of Aritzia’s North American clothing stores, providing a unique blend of style, comfort, and taste.

Originally designed for Aritzia employees to enjoy a diverse menu including pizza, salads, pasta, gelato, pastries, and coffee. The concept has since expanded to incorporate retail cafes within select clothing stores across North America, seamlessly blending gastronomy with fashion.

Project Goals


Create kitchens with a sleek, stylish aesthetic that mirrors Aritzia’s fashion-forward retail stores.

Premium Retail Dining

Develop spaces that allow customers to enjoy premium beverages and pastries while shopping.

Brand Aesthetic

Ensure that each cafe reflects the immaculate design and ambiance A-OK and Aritzia are known for globally.

Solution & Approach

The challenge was to meld the operational needs of a high-functioning cafe with the aesthetic of an inviting, art-filled retail space.

Each cafe was designed to not only function efficiently as a food service venue but also to integrate seamlessly with the retail environment, offering a harmonious blend of shopping and dining.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Design & Installation

Foundry’s involvement extended to several locations, including the Vancouver Support Office (VSO1) commissary + café, distribution centers, and various retail locations such as Chinook (Alberta), Sherway Gardens (Ontario), Somerset (Michigan), and more.

Each installation was tailored to reflect the unique elements of its respective site while maintaining the overarching theme of A-OK and Aritzia’s brand identity.

The designs incorporate high-quality materials and finishes that reflect Aritzia’s fashion-forward brand, ensuring each space is both functional for dining and consistent with the retail setting.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Client Testimonial

“From the initial concept and design phases with Jason, Nick, Stanley, and Erica, to the installation phase led by Cat, John, and Boyd, Foundry has been one of our most trusted F&B vendors.

Their meticulous attention to detail, swift execution, and understanding of our high standards have undoubtedly contributed to the creation of aspirational spaces that enhance both our stores and offices. Their work has not only met but exceeded our expectations, making our workplace & shopping environments truly amazing.”

Chris Stewart, VP, Food & Beverage

Project Outcomes

Custom Installations

Foundry Commercial Kitchens tailored each A-OK Cafe to fit seamlessly within Aritzia’s retail spaces, enhancing functionality and style.

Design Execution

Delivered high-quality, open-concept kitchen designs that aligned perfectly with the brand’s chic retail ambiance.

Reliable Support

Provided consistent support and expertise across all project phases, ensuring each cafe met the client’s high standards and operational needs.

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