Sandwich Shop Supplies

Commercial sandwich shop equipment that enhances quality and efficiency.

Experience sandwich perfection with our Sandwich Grills, designed to create delicious hot sandwiches with ease. Keep your ingredients fresh and organized with our Refrigeration Units, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

Explore our range of Food Prep Equipment and Cooking Ovens, to elevate your sandwich-making experience.

Sandwich Grills

Create delectable sandwiches effortlessly with our Panini Press and Sandwich Grill Machines, ideal for cafes, bistros, and restaurants. Explore our range of Commercial Grills, including Electric Sandwich Grills, designed to produce perfectly toasted sandwiches with ease and consistency.

Elevate your sandwich-making game and delight your customers with mouthwatering creations.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Refrigeration Units

Ensure freshness and organization in your kitchen with our Commercial Refrigerators, perfect for storing a wide range of ingredients. Explore our Prep Refrigeration options, designed to meet the needs of busy food preparation areas.

For compact spaces, consider our Undercounter Fridges, offering convenient storage solutions without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Food Prep Equipment

Efficiently prepare ingredients for your culinary creations with our versatile Food Processors, designed to handle various tasks with ease. Explore our range of Sandwich Prep Tables and Kitchen Prep Machines, essential for assembling delicious sandwiches and streamlining kitchen operations.

Enhance salad preparation with our Salad Prep Counters, offering ample workspace and convenient storage options.

Fred's Italian
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Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Cooking Ovens

Achieve perfection in sandwich-making with our range of Commercial Ovens, including Sandwich Toasters and Convection Ovens, ideal for toasting bread and melting cheese to perfection.

Explore our Baking Ovens specifically designed for sandwiches, ensuring even heating and delicious results every time. Elevate your sandwich offerings with our high-quality cooking equipment.

Reach-In Refrigeration

Keep your sandwich ingredients fresh and organized with our Commercial Refrigerators. Explore our Reach-in Cooling Units, perfect for storing sauces, cheeses, and toppings at the ideal temperature.

Enhance food preservation in your sandwich shop with our reliable Food Preservation Systems, ensuring the highest quality ingredients for your customers.

Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

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