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Why did we change our name from Pacific Restaurant Supply to Foundry?

We haven’t spent enough time and energy on our brand and we wanted to do a better job at telling our story. We felt that the name ‘Pacific Restaurant Supply’ – was good – but it was no longer connecting to the core of who we are and where we are going as an organization.

We also wanted to bring more attention to our focus areas of foodservice equipment, foodservice design and custom fabrication – which “restaurant supply” didn’t fully capture.

Why the name Foundry?

When we decided to initiate a rebranding process – part of the exploration is the naming process. Which can be fun, but also daunting – how do you pick a new name for a business that’s been around for over 20 years?

Our branding agency summarized it best “With associations of strength, metal, craft, quality and hard work – FOUNDRY feels bold and dependable. A place of industry and creation.”

Does the new name change anything for our clients?

No it does not, we are the same company, same owners, same team – just a new name. So other than a new logo on our trucks and emails – we hope that our clients experience little to no disruption. We won’t miss a beat delivering significant value and consistent execution for our clients. We appreciate your patience and support!

How long has Foundry Commercial kitchens been in business?

Foundry was founded in 2001 under the name Pacific Restaurant Supply. Shortly after we celebrated our 20 year anniversary, we re-branded in 2021 to Foundry Commercial Kitchens.



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Why is foodservice facility design important?

Our foodservice design services provide our customers with a huge increase in value for their investment in their commercial kitchen. A well designed kitchen can maximize performance, provide energy and labour efficiency and ensure equipment selections are specified correctly.

What is the difference between foodservice design, architecture and interior design services?

Our foodservice design team focuses exclusively on the commercial kitchen and bar layouts. With an experienced team of foodservice design consultants specifying the right equipment to maximize kitchen efficiency and performance in every application.

Where does Foundry provide foodservice design services?

Our design team is located in Vancouver and Port Coquitlam in beautiful British Columbia – but we design foodservice facilities all over North America. Our design projects span from coast to coast in both Canada and the US.



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What products does Foundry Offer?

Our primary product offering is Foodservice Equipment, which includes a wide spectrum of products specifically for the foodservice industry. We supply cooking equipment, commercial refrigeration, food preparation equipment, dishwashing equipment, kitchen ventilation and more. We showcase our products at our showroom and test kitchen and we are constantly researching, testing and improving our equipment selection.

Does Foundry offer project management?

Yes! Our experienced in-house project team provides project planning and oversight, manage approval processes and sub trades, schedule and execute delivery and installation and assist our customers in commissioning and handover to kitchen operations.

Does Foundry provide white glove delivery for the equipment it sells?

Yes, to compliment our foodservice equipment we offer white-glove delivery. Our delivery teams focus on taking away the stress for our clients. We uncrate, inspect for damage, dispose of skids, assemble, deliver to site and set in place.



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What is custom stainless fabrication and why is it different?

Custom stainless fabrication for the foodservice industry is highly specialized. We design every piece we make with tremendous detail and customization to meet our client’s foodservice needs and their project’s building requirements.

Where are Foundry Stainless Fabrication products made?

Our fabrication facility is located in Port Coquitlam in beautiful British Columbia.

Does Foundry offer stainless installation

Yes! To compliment our stainless fabrication we offer Stainless Installation. Our installation teams bring essential specialized experience to the challenge of completing a commercial kitchen project. From initial site measurement to the final weld.

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