Bar Equipment

Equip your bar with the right tools to meet your goals with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

Equip your bar with our comprehensive selection of Bar Refrigeration and Bartending Supplies. Our range includes top-quality Beverage Blenders, efficient Glasswashers, and reliable Ice Machines, essential for any bustling bar. Additionally, we offer durable stocked and custom fabricated Pot Sinks, crucial for maintaining cleanliness.

Our selection of Bar Supplies and Equipment is designed to meet the demands of a busy bar environment, ensuring both functionality and efficiency in every aspect of your beverage service.

The Foundry Difference

At Foundry, we offer the convenience of stocked (pre-fabricated) options for swift purchasing, ensuring you get quality products without delay. Additionally, we specialize in customized stainless steel or aluminum fabrication, allowing you to tailor your equipment precisely to your specifications.

Whether you choose from our readily available selection or opt for a personalized solution, rest assured, you’re investing in durability and functionality crafted to your needs.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian

Beverage Blenders

Upgrade your bar or café with our Commercial Blenders, tailored for high-performance and versatility. Ideal for making smoothies, mixed drinks, and more, these blenders combine power and precision. Our selection includes specialized drink mixers and smoothie makers, ensuring quick, consistent results every time.

Designed for busy commercial environments, these blenders are robust, efficient, and essential for any establishment looking to enhance its beverage offerings.

Bar Refrigerators

Our Commercial Bar Refrigerators are designed to optimize bar operations. This range includes under counter fridges and bottle coolers for space-efficient storage. Back bar refrigeration options, including glass and solid door models, offer versatility.

Equip your bar with essential items like beer dispensers and glass chillers, enhancing beverage service and customer experience. These units ensure drinks are perfectly chilled, making them indispensable in a high-functioning bar setup.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen


Ensure the highest standard of cleanliness with our Bar Glass Washing Machines. Our selection includes commercial glasswashers and under counter glass washers, designed for high-speed glass cleaning in busy bar settings. These machines feature high interior clearance, accommodating various glass sizes and ensuring thorough, efficient cleaning.

Ideal for maintaining a steady supply of pristine glassware, they are a vital component in any professional bar, enhancing both hygiene and service quality.

Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Fred's Italian

Ice Machines

Our Commercial Ice Makers are perfect for bars and restaurants, offering a range of ice machines, dispensers, and storage solutions. This selection includes ice bins, water and ice dispensers, ice cubers, ice flakers, and pebble ice makers. We also provide under-counter ice machines for space-saving efficiency.

These units ensure a consistent supply of fresh ice, vital for beverage service and food preservation, catering to all your ice-related needs with reliability and convenience.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Pot Sinks

Equip your bar or commercial kitchen with our Stainless Steel Pot Sinks, designed for heavy-duty washing. These commercial sinks are perfect for bars, featuring options like single compartment sinks for compact spaces or multi-compartment sinks, like 3 compartment sinks, for efficient cleaning and rinsing. We carry stocked pot sinks and can custom fabricate pot sinks to ensure the perfect fit.

Our pot sinks and bar cleaning stations are built to withstand high-volume use, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance, making them an essential element for any professional cleaning setup.

Speed Rails

Elevate your bar setup with our Speed Rails, available in both stocked and customizable stainless steel fabrication options. Whether you prefer pre-fabricated solutions or bespoke designs tailored to your needs, our Speed Rails offer efficient organization and easy access to bottles, ensuring a smooth and stylish bartending experience.

Fred's Italian

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