Catering Supplies

Bring the best tools to satisfy your guests on the go with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

For banquet settings and professional kitchens, our range includes Combi Ovens and Cook & Hold Ovens for versatile cooking options, Food Processing equipment for efficiency, and various Food Storage solutions. We offer Food Transport Storage for mobility, Hot Holding Cabinets and Hot Food Tables for temperature maintenance.

Stainless Work Tables provide durable workspaces, while Steam Cooking equipment ensures healthy food preparation. Wire Shelving offers organized storage, and Walk-In Refrigeration is essential for bulk cooling needs. This comprehensive range meets the demands of high-volume cooking and storage, essential for efficient and quality food service.

Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Combi Ovens

Our Combination Ovens are versatile and essential for catering and professional kitchens. We offer both electric and gas Combi Ovens, ideal for multifunctional cooking. These Catering Combi Ovens combine various cooking methods in one appliance, providing efficiency and convenience.

Perfect for chefs seeking to streamline their cooking processes, these Professional Combi Ovens enhance cooking precision, making them a valuable asset in any busy culinary environment.

Food Processing

Our range for cannabis and general retail includes specialized Cannabis Refrigerated Displays and various Product Display Coolers. These Commercial Display Fridges and Retail Refrigeration Units are perfect for showcasing products attractively while maintaining optimal temperatures. Options include countertop display refrigeration, dry bakery cases, refrigerated bakery cases, refrigerated deli cases, and sushi cases, catering to different product types and store layouts.

These units are designed to enhance product visibility and freshness, essential for retail environments focused on quality and customer appeal.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Cook & Hold Ovens

Our Cook and Hold Systems are designed for slow cooking and catering applications, featuring caster-mounted designs for easy mobility. These low-temperature ovens are perfect for preparing food gently over extended periods, while also holding it at the right temperature for serving.

Ideal for catering scenarios, these ovens provide both convenience and precision in cooking, ensuring dishes are perfectly cooked and ready to serve at any event.

Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Food Processing

Our range of Commercial Food Processors and Industrial Food Mixers is ideal for catering and large-scale food preparation. This includes versatile blixers, efficient food processors, immersion blenders, and vegetable preparation machines.

Each piece of equipment is designed to optimize food processing tasks, ensuring quick, consistent results in high-volume settings. These tools are crucial for catering businesses and commercial kitchens, streamlining food prep and enhancing overall efficiency.

Fred's Italian

Hot Holding Cabinets

Our range of Food Warming Cabinets and Hot Holding Solutions are designed for catering needs, ensuring dishes remain at optimal temperatures. This selection includes Catering Warming Equipment and Thermal Holding Systems, perfect for maintaining food quality during service.

These systems are essential in any catering operation, providing reliable and efficient ways to keep food warm, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Stainless Work Tables

Our Professional Work Tables, including Cannabis Processing Tables and Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables, are designed for versatility and durability in industrial and culinary settings. These tables come in various forms, such as standard work tables, options with backsplash for hygiene, and equipment stands for specialized use.

Ideal for preparation and processing tasks, they provide a sturdy, reliable surface in any professional environment, be it a commercial kitchen, bakery, or cannabis processing facility.

Hot Food Tables

Elevate your catering experience with our Buffet Hot Tables and Catering Serving Stations, perfect for showcasing and serving delicious dishes. Explore our range of Food Display Tables and Heated Serving Counters, designed to keep your offerings warm and inviting.

Choose from our gas and electric steam tables for efficient food presentation.

Fred's Italian

Steam Cooking

Steam cooking equipment revolutionizes commercial kitchens, enhancing both efficiency and culinary quality. Commercial steamers, crucial for large-scale operations, ensure uniform cooking, preserving nutrients and flavours. Catering services benefit from portable steam cooking systems, offering versatility and convenience.

Our range includes steamers, tilting skillets, and steam kettles, designed for diverse cooking needs—from delicate vegetables to hearty stews. Embrace innovation in your kitchen with our advanced steam cooking solutions, where excellence meets efficiency.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Wire Shelving

Discover the cornerstone of organization and efficiency in commercial kitchens with our premium shelving units. Our collection includes wire storage racks, catering shelving solutions, and industrial kitchen shelves, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of a bustling culinary environment. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes such as durable chrome wire shelving, sleek stainless steel mounted shelving, and resilient epoxy wire shelving.

Each option is designed to maximize space, facilitate easy cleaning, and support heavy loads, ensuring your kitchen remains a model of productivity and hygiene. Elevate your storage strategy with our versatile shelving solutions, where form meets function.

Walk In Refrigeration

Our Commercial Refrigerator line, including reach-in coolers and freezers, is ideal for restaurant and grocery store kitchen refrigeration. These units offer efficient reach-in refrigeration, with options like combination refrigeration for versatile storage.

Designed for reliability and accessibility, they’re perfect for high-demand environments, ensuring fresh, well-preserved ingredients at your fingertips..

Fred's Italian

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