Convenience Store Equipment

Essential equipment for food and beverage with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

Our selection includes a variety of essential equipment for food and beverage services. Automatic Coffee Brewers, Freezer Merchandisers, and Heated Display Cases. Ice Cream Freezers for, Open Air Merchandisers, Refrigerator Merchandisers for chilled items, Slushy Machines for refreshing beverages, Stainless Work Tables , and Wire Shelving for storage.

These items are designed to enhance functionality and efficiency in commercial settings.

Automatic Coffee Brewers

Our Commercial Coffee Machines include Automated Coffee Brewers and Convenience Store Coffee Systems, designed for high-capacity and efficiency. These brewers are perfect for businesses needing quick, consistent coffee service for large numbers of customers, ensuring quality and convenience in every cup. I

deal for busy venues and retail environments, they provide reliable, high-volume coffee production.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Freezer Merchandisers

Our selection of Commercial Freezers includes Retail Freezer Displays and Merchandising Freezers, ideal for showcasing frozen products. These freezers, featuring glass door options and single freezer merchandisers, are designed for efficiency and visibility, making them perfect for retail environments where product display is key.

They ensure optimal freezing while enhancing product visibility and accessibility, essential for any business displaying a variety of frozen goods.

Heated Display Cases

Our Hot Food Display Cases and Heated Merchandisers are perfect for convenience stores and food service environments. They serve as efficient food warming showcases, keeping prepared foods at the ideal temperature for serving.

These units are designed for both functionality and appeal, making them ideal for venues where keeping food visibly warm and ready-to-serve is essential.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Ice Cream Freezers

Our Frozen Dessert Freezers, including Ice Cream Display Freezers, are ideal for retail ice cream storage and soft serve units. These freezers feature see-through top sliding doors for easy access and attractive display, ensuring frozen treats are showcased effectively while being kept at the perfect serving temperature.

They’re perfect for any setting where frozen desserts are a key offering.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Open Air Merchandisers

Our selection includes Open Display Refrigerators and Grab-and-Go Coolers, ideal for retail and convenience store settings. These Retail Air Merchandisers are designed for displaying products attractively while maintaining them at the right temperature, making them perfect for quick customer access and impulse purchases.

They are an essential component for any convenience store or retail outlet looking to showcase refrigerated items effectively.

Refrigerator Merchandisers

Our Commercial Refrigerators include Beverage Display Coolers and Refrigerated Retail Displays, perfect for store refrigeration systems. These units, featuring single-door refrigerators, are designed for efficient cooling and attractive product presentation, making them ideal for retail environments where visibility and accessibility are key.

They ensure beverages and perishable goods are kept at the ideal temperature while being easily accessible to customers.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Slushy Machines

Our Frozen Beverage Machines include Slush Machines for stores and Commercial Slushie Makers, essential for any drink dispensing setup.

These machines, also known as granita machines, are designed for creating a variety of frozen drinks, making them perfect for commercial settings where offering a range of chilled beverages is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Stainless Work Tables

Our Commercial Prep Tables, crafted from stainless steel, are ideal for convenience stores and food preparation areas. This range includes standard work tables, work tables with back splashes, and equipment stands. They offer durable and hygienic surfaces, essential for any food service environment where preparation efficiency and cleanliness are paramount.

These tables are designed to meet the demands of busy commercial kitchens and retail food preparation spaces.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Wire Shelving

Our range of Commercial Shelving Units includes versatile storage shelving solutions and retail display shelves. These robust metal wire racks, available in chrome and epoxy finishes, cater to various organizational needs. We offer standing shelving units for general storage and stainless steel wall-mounted shelving for space-saving purposes.

These shelves are perfect for organizing products in retail environments or keeping supplies accessible in commercial settings, combining durability with practical design.

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