Asian Restaurant Equipment

Discover the essence of Asian culinary art with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized equipment, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cooking tools. Our selection features essential items like rice cookers, wok ranges, sushi cases, and versatile Asian cookware, all designed for the demands of authentic Asian cuisine.

Our focus on quality and efficiency makes us the go-to source for equipping your Asian-themed kitchen, ensuring every meal is a masterpiece of taste and tradition. Trust Foundry for unmatched expertise in Asian restaurant equipment.

Asian Woks

We offer a comprehensive selection of commercial Asian woks, the cornerstone of traditional Asian cooking. Each wok is crafted for superior heat distribution and durability, perfect for stir-frying, steaming, and more.

Embrace the authentic flavors of Asian cuisine with our high-quality woks, a must-have for every kitchen.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Commercial Dishwashers

Elevate your commercial kitchen cleaning with our range of restaurant dishwashers. From high-efficiency, industrial dishwashing solutions like conveyor dishwashers and door type dishwashers to space-saving undercounter dishwashers and specialized glasswashers, each is designed for optimal cleaning.

Enhanced with booster heaters, they ensure impeccable hygiene standards, essential for any bustling kitchen environment.

Commercial Ranges

Our commercial stove collection is designed for professional kitchens, featuring a variety of heavy-duty ranges. Choose from countertop ranges, electric and gas ranges, to meet diverse cooking needs.

Our selection includes specialized stock pot ranges and commercial broilers, ideal for any restaurant range setup. These professional cooking ranges offer reliability and efficiency, essential for high-performance culinary environments.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Commercial Fryers

Our Commercial Fryer range is ideal for professional frying, suited for every cuisine. Choose from gas and electric fryers, including versatile countertop models. These deep fryers are designed for efficiency and consistent performance.

Additionally, our selection includes oil filtration machines, ensuring clean, quality cooking and extending oil life, essential in any fast-paced kitchen environment.

Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Hot Water Dispensers

Our commercial hot water machine selection caters to various needs, including tea and restaurant hot water dispensers. Choose between automatic and manual fill hot water dispensers, perfect for busy corner markets or staff lounges.

These units ensure a consistent, reliable supply of hot water, crucial for efficient beverage service and kitchen operations.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Reach-In Refrigeration

Our Commercial Refrigerator line, including reach-in coolers and freezers, is ideal for restaurant and grocery store kitchen refrigeration. These units offer efficient reach-in refrigeration, with options like combination refrigeration for versatile storage.

Designed for reliability and accessibility, they’re perfect for high-demand environments, ensuring fresh, well-preserved ingredients at your fingertips.

Rice Cookers & Rice Warmers

Enhance your restaurant’s rice cooking capabilities with our Commercial Rice Cookers and Warmers. Designed for large-capacity and efficiency, these units are perfect for any size establishment.

Our selection includes both cookers and warmers, ensuring your rice is perfectly cooked and maintained at the ideal temperature. Available in various convenient sizes, they are essential for any busy kitchen needing reliable restaurant rice equipment.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Sushi Cases

Elevate your sushi bar with our Sushi Display Cases, essential for modern sushi storage. These refrigerated cases are temperature-controlled, ensuring your sushi remains fresh and appealing.

Perfect for any sushi bar equipment needs, they combine functionality with aesthetic design, making them an ideal choice for showcasing sushi while maintaining optimal freshness.

Wok Ranges

Our Commercial Wok Range is designed for the demanding environment of Asian restaurants. Featuring high-BTU wok stations, including Chinese wok ranges and Mandarin stock pot ranges, these units ensure professional wok cooking.

Each range is equipped with a durable wok ring, catering to intense heat and fast-paced cooking, perfect for authentic Asian culinary creations.

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