Butchery Supplies

Professional equipment for professional ambitions with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

Our comprehensive selection for professional kitchens includes Band Saws for precise meat cutting, Food Prep Refrigeration for ingredient freshness, and essential Kitchen Supplies for daily operations. We offer robust Meat Grinders and Slicers for efficient meat processing. Pot Sinks ensure cleanliness, while Refrigerated Deli Cases beautifully display perishables. Stainless Work Tables provide durable surfaces for food preparation.

This range caters to every need of a bustling kitchen, ensuring efficiency and quality in food preparation and presentation.

Band Saws

Our selection includes top-of-the-line Meat Band Saws, essential for any professional butchery. These saws, part of our Butcher Band Saw Equipment, are perfect for commercial meat processing, offering precision and efficiency.

Designed for robust use, our Commercial Meat Saws meet the rigorous demands of the meat industry. Professional Band Saws for Butchery in our range ensure clean, consistent cuts, essential for quality meat preparation and processing. They are indispensable in any setting where meat cutting precision is key.

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Food Prep Refrigeration

Our Commercial Refrigeration range is specifically designed for meat and food preparation, including Meat Prep Coolers and Butcher Shop Refrigeration. These units ensure optimal freshness and safety in food handling.

We offer specialized refrigerators like Sandwich Prep Refrigerators, Mega Top Coolers, and Pizza Prep Refrigerators, catering to specific food prep needs in commercial kitchens.

Each unit is tailored for efficiency and space optimization, essential for maintaining high standards in food preparation and storage.


Kitchen Supplies

Our selection for butcher kitchens includes a variety of Professional Meat Processing Supplies and Kitchen Equipment tailored for butchery. Alongside essential Butcher Shop Accessories, we offer versatile tools such as pastry brushes, tongs, spatulas, and whisks.

These items are designed for efficiency and durability in a professional setting, ensuring that meat preparation is done with the utmost precision and care. Perfect for butchers and chefs alike, these tools are indispensable for anyone involved in meat processing and culinary preparation.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Meat Grinders

Our range of Commercial Meat Grinders and Industrial Meat Mincers is perfect for butcher shops and meat processing facilities. These Professional Meat Grinders are designed to handle large quantities of meat efficiently, with capacities measured in pounds per hour.

They are essential equipment for any professional setting where meat is a primary ingredient, ensuring consistent, high-quality ground meat for various culinary applications. Durable and powerful, they are a cornerstone in professional meat processing, enhancing both productivity and quality in butchery operations.

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Meat Slicer

Our Commercial Meat Slicers are tailored for delis and butcher shops, providing precision and ease in slicing meats. These Deli Slicers and Butcher Shop Slicing Machines are part of our Professional Meat Cutting Equipment, designed to handle various meat types and thicknesses. They ensure uniform slices, enhancing efficiency and quality in meat preparation, making them a vital tool for professionals in the meat industry.

These slicers are built for durability and consistent performance, catering to the high demands of commercial food preparation.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Pot Sinks

Equip your bar or commercial kitchen with our Stainless Steel Pot Sinks, designed for heavy-duty washing. These commercial sinks are perfect for bars, featuring options like single compartment sinks for compact spaces or multi-compartment sinks, like 3 compartment sinks, for efficient cleaning and rinsing.

Our pot sinks and bar cleaning stations are built to withstand high-volume use, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance, making them an essential element for any professional cleaning setup.

Refrigerated Deli Cases

Our Deli Display Cases are perfect for showcasing meats and deli products in butcher shops and commercial settings. These include refrigerated meat cases and butcher shop display refrigerators, ensuring optimal freshness.

Available in styles like curved glass and straight glass deli cases, they enhance product visibility and appeal. These Commercial Deli Coolers are designed for efficiency and aesthetic display, making them essential for any deli or butcher shop aiming to attract and serve customers effectively.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Stainless Work Tables

Our range of Professional Kitchen Workstations includes heavy-duty steel tables, tailored for durability and efficiency in commercial settings. These workstations are available as standard work tables and models with back splash for added cleanliness and convenience.

We also offer equipment stands designed to support various kitchen appliances. These tables and stands are essential for any professional kitchen, providing sturdy, reliable surfaces for food preparation and equipment placement.

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