Coffee Shop Equipment

Equip your coffee shop with the right tools with Foundry Commercial Kitchens.

Our range for culinary and beverage needs includes Bakery Display Cases for showcasing treats and efficient Blenders. Coffee Brewers and Espresso Machines meet coffee service demands, complemented by Grinders for fresh grounds.

Convection Ovens offer precision baking, while Display Refrigeration beautifully presents products. We also feature Reach-In and Undercounter Refrigeration for optimal food storage, and Undercounter Ice Machines for convenient ice production, completing any professional kitchen setup.

Bakery Display Cases

Our selection of Bakery Display Cases is perfect for retail bakeries and coffee shops. These cases, including glass front bakery cases, elegantly showcase pastries and baked goods. The pastry display refrigeration ensures items remain fresh while on display.

Designed for visual appeal and functionality, these display cases are an essential element for any bakery or coffee shop, enhancing product presentation and customer experience.

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Our Commercial Blenders are designed for professional bars, coffee shops, and food service environments. This range includes high-performance Professional Bar Blenders, efficient Smoothie Machines, and versatile Coffee Shop Drink Mixers. We also provide food prep blenders and a selection of blender accessories, enhancing the functionality and versatility of our blenders.

These commercial-grade blenders are built to handle high-volume, continuous use, making them an essential tool for any business requiring consistent and reliable blending performance.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Coffee Brewers

Our Commercial Coffee Machines cater to high-volume environments, featuring options like Air Pot Coffee Brewers, Automatic Coffee Brewers, Pour Over Coffee Brewers, and Satellite Coffee Brewers. These machines are designed for efficiency and consistency, perfect for busy coffee shops and establishments serving specialty coffee.

They ensure quality in every cup, meeting the needs of high-demand settings with diverse coffee brewing capabilities. These robust machines are an essential part of any professional coffee service operation.

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Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Display Refrigeration

Our Compact Convection Ovens are ideal for coffee shops and commercial baking. They include countertop, electric, and gas models, offering versatility and efficiency. These ovens provide even cooking, essential for bakery products, and are designed to fit in smaller spaces while delivering the same quality as larger commercial ovens.

Perfect for businesses where space is a premium but quality can’t be compromised, these ovens are a key asset in efficient cooking and baking operations.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Espresso Machines

Our Commercial Espresso Machines cater to professional coffee-making needs, offering both automatic and traditional espresso machine options. These machines are designed for baristas and cafes requiring reliable and efficient espresso equipment. Our range includes Automatic Espresso Systems, providing speed and convenience, and Traditional Espresso Machines for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to crafting the perfect espresso.

These machines are essential for any coffee business aiming to deliver high-quality, barista-standard espresso drinks.

Coffee Grinders

Our range of Coffee Bean Grinders includes commercial-grade machines suitable for all coffee grinding needs. We offer specialized Espresso Grinders and machines capable of Bulk Coffee Grinding. These grinders ensure a consistent, fine grind, vital for high-quality espresso and coffee beverages.

Designed for cafes and restaurants, our coffee grinders and espresso grinders are robust and efficient, making them a crucial component in any professional coffee-making setup.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Reach-In Refrigerator

Our selection of Commercial Refrigerators is perfect for coffee shops and kitchens, featuring a variety of reach-in coolers. These units include reach-in freezers, refrigerators, and combination refrigeration, catering to the specific needs of cafes and commercial kitchens.

Designed for space efficiency and optimal cooling, they are essential for preserving food and beverages at the perfect temperature, ensuring quality and freshness in any busy coffee shop or culinary setting.

Undercounter Ice Machines

Our Compact Ice Makers are ideal for cafes and bars, offering under counter ice production to save space. These machines efficiently produce ice, suitable for various beverages served in cafes and bars.

Designed to fit seamlessly under counters, they are perfect for places with limited space, ensuring a steady supply of ice without occupying valuable floor area. These ice machines are essential for any business needing to optimize space while maintaining a high level of service.

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Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Under Counter Refrigeration

Chef Base Refrigeration units are versatile under counter solutions, ideal for kitchens where space optimization is key. They combine refrigeration with a worktop surface, offering a dual-purpose design that maximizes efficiency.

These units are perfect for storing ingredients close to the cooking area, streamlining food prep and cooking processes in busy kitchen environments.

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