Project Management

Foundry offers our clients exclusive access to our Project Management services.

Not to be overlooked, Project Management is the anchor to a successful commercial kitchen project. At Foundry, we strive to go above and beyond – as we know how difficult executing a commercial kitchen can be. And how costly it can be if construction details are missed or unnecessary delays are experienced. Our dedicated Project Managers provide immense value throughout the process, from contract to completion.

Our Project Management

Design & Sales Collaboration
Project Planning
Approvals & Signoff
Sub Trade Management
Delivery & Installation Scheduling
Commissioning & Handover

Why Foundry Project Management?

Commercial Kitchen

We understand how difficult a commercial kitchen project can be. Foundry Project Managers provide immense value navigating a complex and diverse scope of work – with expertise in everything from custom walk-in freezers to fire suppression systems.

Time = Money

We know that getting open and operational is incredibly important to our clients. Foundry Project Managers focus on keeping the kitchen scope moving and advocate for our clients by ensuring critical tasks do not fall through the cracks and slow things done.

Scope Accuracy

With commercial kitchens having higher and higher volume demands, within smaller and smaller footprints – we understand that every inch matters. Our PM’s oversee the many puzzle pieces that need to fit together to complete a high performance commercial kitchen.


We know that our clients and their GC’s need to be able to reach their commercial kitchen expert. Having a responsive Project Manager can be the difference for making critical time and expense decisions.

How can we help?

Your kitchen is one-of-a-kind, but it’s likely the challenges you're facing are not. Take a moment to tell us about your equipment, design or stainless needs. We are here to help.