The Flamingo Room

Transforming a small theatre into a vibrant venue full of excitement and charm.

Client Overview

The Flamingo Room draws inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere of Miami and is uniquely situated in Vancouver’s renowned Commercial Drive area. It redefines the local social scene by merging an eclectic neighborhood watering hole with a stage for live performances, embodying a distinctively festive yet relaxed vibe.

Project Goals

Space Optimization

Transforming the theatre into a multi-functional venue with efficient use of space for dining and social interactions.

Superior Aesthetics

Infusing Miami-inspired aesthetics into the decor to create a vibrant and inviting environment.

Functional Layout

Developing a layout that supports the dual function of dining and live performances, ensuring seamless operations and an enjoyable patron experience.

Solution & Approach

Addressing the challenge of the small existing space, our approach prioritized clever design solutions that maximized functionality without sacrificing style. The design strategically placed the bar to serve as the focal point, enhancing the flow of movement and interaction within the space.

The layout was carefully crafted to accommodate both dining and entertainment elements, ensuring each area was optimized for its specific use while maintaining a cohesive overall ambience.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Expert Installation

During the installation phase, the emphasis was on using durable, high-quality materials that reflect the Miami-inspired theme, enhancing both the functionality and visual appeal of the high-traffic venue.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Client Testimonial

“I’ve had the pleasure of enlisting the services of Foundry Commercial Kitchens for the past decade. Early on, mostly for sourcing equipment and smallwares, Luke and his knowledgeable team were quick to quote, and deliver exactly what I needed. My needs evolved into bigger projects including sourcing a custom hood vent on a short timeline which was executed seamlessly!

Recently, we built out a new cocktail bar. With a relatively small space and fairly specific needs in terms of equipment and custom stainless, the Foundry team put together an exceptional package which allows our bar team to execute at a high level in a tight space.

I am grateful for the strong relationship we’ve been fortunate to build over the past decade working with Foundry and would recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional experience building out their restaurant/kitchen/bar.”

Reuben Major, Managing Partner
Belgard Kitchen, Vancouver Urban Winery, Havana, The Flamingo Room 

Project Outcomes

Converted Space

Converted a traditional theatre into a dynamic dining and entertainment hub, fulfilling the client’s vision.

Form & Function

Demonstrated Foundry Commercial Kitchens’ ability to balance functionality with thematic design.

Community Impact

Established The Flamingo Room as a cornerstone of nightlife and social gatherings in Vancouver.

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