Balancing space constraints and chef's requirements for a functional and efficient outcome.

Client Overview

Fred’s is a beacon of modern Italian cuisine nestled in West Vancouver’s vibrant Ambleside community, distinguishing itself with a commitment to freshness and quality. The restaurant prides itself on its house-made pasta, bread, pizza, sauces, and baking, all crafted daily in-house.

The design challenge was to fulfill the client’s vision within the unique constraints of the available space, creating a functional yet inviting atmosphere.

Project Goals

Renovate & Redesign

Transform an existing space into a functional, modern Italian kitchen with a focus on daily in-house preparation of fresh ingredients.

All-Electric Cookline

Implement a fully electric cooking environment within a compact area, tailored to the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

Custom Integration

Source and install custom stainless pieces and state-of-the-art electric appliances to meet the high-volume needs of the kitchen efficiently.

Solution & Approach

The project presented the unique challenge of sourcing commercial cooking appliances suitable for an all-electric kitchen, as gas options were off the table.

Our approach involved a meticulous selection of electric appliances that would meet the demands of a high-volume, modern Italian kitchen without compromising on quality or functionality.

Fred's Italian
Fred's Italian All-Electric Kitchen

Design & Installation

In the design and installation phases, we leveraged our expertise to create a layout that maximized efficiency in the limited space available. Decisions on the layout and design were made with an eye toward optimizing the kitchen’s workflow, ensuring that each section from pasta preparation to baking operated seamlessly.

The selection of appliances focused on precision and efficiency, with induction ranges chosen specifically for their ability to deliver consistent and precise temperatures for pasta dishes. The installation timeline was carefully managed to meet the restaurant’s opening schedule, with a focus on integrating the electric cookline smoothly into the kitchen’s operations.

Fred's Ambleside
Electric Commercial Stove
Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen

Client Testimonial

“Embracing an all-electric kitchen at Fred’s has revolutionized our culinary process, enhancing both flavor and sustainability. The seamless control and even cooking temperatures of our electric appliances allow us to prepare each dish consistently to a high standard.

Our commitment to an electric-only kitchen is our pledge to a greener future without compromising on gourmet quality.”

David Wolowidnyk, General Manager

Project Outcomes

Efficient Operation

Achieved a high-functioning kitchen in a small space, enhancing staff comfort with reduced ambient heat from the all-electric setup.

Precision Cooking

Utilized precise induction ranges for consistent, high-quality pasta preparation, crucial for the restaurant’s Italian cuisine.

Enhanced Experience

Introduced a showcase bar with a custom stainless drink rail and True Wine Columns, elevating the presentation of rare and vintage wines.

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