The Arbutus Club

Balancing space constraints and chef's requirements for a functional and efficient outcome.

Client Overview

The Arbutus Club stands as one of Canada’s most esteemed private clubs, renowned for its exceptional food & beverage services delivered to members and guests.

Since its establishment in 1965, the club has experienced numerous renovations and expansions, continually evolving to enhance its modern recreational complex.

Faced with the challenge of limited space to fulfill the Chef’s requirements, our project objectives were carefully defined to ensure efficiency without compromising other food service areas.

Project Goals

Space Optimization

Efficiently utilize limited space to meet the chef’s requirements without encroaching on other food service areas, leveraging existing plumbing setups.

Efficient Cleanliness

Design and install a kitchen that prioritizes hygiene with easy-to-clean surfaces and conceals service runs for a cleaner environment.

True Collaboration

Combine industry expertise with client needs through a collaborative design process, resulting in a highly functional kitchen with minimal impact on existing structures.

Solution & Approach

Our approach began with a comprehensive site review, taking into account the Chef’s specifications and assessing the existing conditions and limitations.

This initial phase led to the development of a schematic layout, fostering a dialogue on the advantages and disadvantages based on the current setup before progressing to the detailed design phase.

Arbutus Club Kitchen
The Arbutus Club

Design & Installation

The design and installation by Foundry Commercial Kitchens showcased a blend of expertise and the client’s needs, achieving notable improvements in the Arbutus Club’s kitchen.

Key accomplishments included creating comprehensive working drawings to enhance collaboration, decluttering and hygienically enhancing the plating station, and optimizing work surfaces for better accessibility and efficiency. The project also expanded refrigeration, integrated lighting for improved workspace visibility, streamlined cleaning through minimized work surface joints, and concealed utilities while ensuring maintenance accessibility.

Additionally, the team skillfully navigated existing plumbing constraints, ensuring a seamless adaptation to the kitchen’s infrastructure.

Arbutus Stainless Kitchen
The Arbutus Room Bar

Client Testimonial

‘Saidi, it was a pleasure to work with you and your team right from the start. From Nick’s knowledge, Stanley’s attention to detail to you and your team. All I heard was amazing feedback from my team & managers about how good your crew was to work with during the installing process. I know the timeline from approval was tight to get it all done but you guys all dug in and just killed it really in four days.

I appreciate your work and time into this project. I will only pass on great positive comments to my friends and colleagues. I like to call the new line, The Cadillac so if you ever want to show anyone, you’re welcome to bring them by.’

Michael Couzelis, Executive Chef CCC, The Arbutus Club.

Project Outcomes

Optimized Layout

Improved efficiency and aesthetics with a streamlined kitchen design and enhanced equipment placement.

Space Efficiency

Utilized existing plumbing and concealed utilities for minimal structural impact.

Peak Collaboration

Achieved swift execution and high satisfaction through coordinated teamwork and planning.

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