Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Balancing space constraints and chef's requirements for a functional and efficient outcome.

Client Overview

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar is Toptable Group’s prestigious new venture on Vancouver Island, setting a benchmark in Victoria with its commitment to high-quality global and local seafood, complemented by a Japanese raw bar. As the newest flagship restaurant, Marilena exemplifies the group’s renowned standards for excellence and attention to detail.

Part of the esteemed Toptable Group, known for iconic establishments like Blue Water Café, Elisa, and Cin Cin, Marilena marks the group’s first foray into British Columbia’s capital, Victoria. The restaurant is celebrated for its exceptional seafood offerings, both local and international, and features a sophisticated Japanese raw bar.

Project Goals

Timely Completion

Ensure the project finishes on schedule despite multiple setbacks and intricate refrigeration needs.

Budget Adherence

Maintain financial discipline to stay within the allocated budget, without sacrificing the high standard of workmanship.

Dynamic Revisions

The design and equipment layouts were continuously revised to adapt to evolving challenges.

Solution & Approach

Our approach to overcoming the project’s challenges involved a dynamic adaptation strategy, where continuous revisions and problem-solving were essential.

The team’s flexibility and expertise in managing complex installations under tight constraints were crucial in steering the project to completion.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Expert Installation

The installation process was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring seamless integration of both the kitchen and bar areas, while adhering to the exacting standards set by Toptable Group.

Special attention was given to the mechanical setups and refrigeration systems to support the unique needs of a high-end seafood and raw bar kitchen.

Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar

Client Testimonial

“Jason and his team at Foundry were an absolute pleasure to work with. Detail oriented, patient and understanding of what we were looking to achieve with this project. Foundry’s craftsmanship and efforts have resulted in a spectacular kitchen that is amazing to work in and easy on the eyes.

Kristian Eligh, Executive Chef
Marilena Cafe & Raw Bar, Top Table Group

Project Outcomes

Exceptional Quality

Successfully delivered a state-of-the-art kitchen that exceeded client expectations.

High Acclaim

Marilena was recognized as the #3 top new restaurant of 2023 by En Route magazine.

Industry Recognition

Gained prestigious accolade as a testament to its outstanding dining experience.

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